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Mechanical Watches
An Annotated Bibliography of Publications since 1800, Third Edition

By Richard Watkins

2016, 2 volumes of 1461 pages, no ill

This third edition, 2 volume book is a bibliography listing 2,943 books and pamphlets (and a few other items) relating to mechanical watches.

It is not simply a list. It is comprehensively indexed and annotated.

Volume 1 (756 A4 pages) is the bibliography and lists 2,943 items. In addition to normal bibliographic information, most entries have details of contents and 1,573 entries include book reviews and remarks.

Volume 2 (705 A4 pages) contains 6 indexes which reference the books listed in the bibliography.

The indexes are Full title (3,714 entries), Title Key-word (8,029 entries), Author (4,496 entries), Date of publication (2,943 entries), Subject index top level categories (481 categories) and Subject (37,318 entries). The subject index is a comprehensive index to the books based on their contents.

Mechanical Watches is provided free and can be downloaded here:

Mechanical Watches Volume 1 (bibliography) (about 4.6 MB)

Mechanical Watches Volume 2 (indexes) (about 5.8 MB)