F.S. Osterwald

Description of the Mountains and Valleys of Neuchatel and Valangin

In 1764 Osterwald and a friend toured the mountains and valleys of Neuchatel and Valangin, and in 1766 Osterwald's description of his trip was published. In it he provides a fascinating picture of the country at that time, including some remarks on the watch and clock makers living there.

Although of marginal interest to horologists, the book is still worth reading.

To assist the reader, I have provided a contemporary map of the region (actually published in 1783). This map is large, and so I have split it into four parts; I leave it to the reader to cut and paste it together.

The book is a small Abobe PDF file. The map consists of 4 separate zipped jpg files (each about 4MB).

All 5 files can be downloaded separately:

To download the book click Download book

To download the map bottom left click Download map BL

To download the map bottom right click Download map BR

To download the top left click Download map TL

To download the top right click Download map TR

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