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Prize essay on the construction of a simple but mechanically perfect watch

By Moritz Grossmann

circa 1880, 50 pages, ill

Moritz Grossmann was one of the few nineteenth century horologists who was a thoughtful and competent writer. His main work, Prize essay on the free lever escapement, is a classic book. On the construction of a simple and mechanically perfect watch is a superb analysis of watch design in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Although an English translation was produced, it is almost impossible to find, and this significant contribution to horological literature is virtually inaccessible unless you read German. So I have produced this translation of Grossmann's 1880 revision of his book.

The article is provided as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file:

Illustration: Left: A case bow mill, to reduce the size of the ends of the bow so that they fit into the pendant.
Right: Pivot drill (box 100mm x 65mm). A precision micro-drill to drill holes in the ends of arbors to replace broken pivots.