Books and Articles on Self-Winding Watches (Automatic Watches)

   Richard Watkins "The Origins of Self-Winding Watches, 1773-1779", Second Edition, 2016

   Richard Watkins "Animations of self-winding watch stop-work", 2016

   Richard Watkins "Meditations on Breguet and Mathematics", 2016

      Christin "Nouvelle Manufacture D'horlogerie, dans la Ville de Pfortzheim", 1771

      Christin "The Pforzheim Watch Factory", 1771, 2014

      Flores, Mundschau and Watkins "Early documents on automatic watches, to 1780", 2012 (In French)

      Hognoul "Tribute to Hubert Sarton", 1822, 2012

      Hognoul "Hommage de Hubert Sarton", 1822 (Original French)

      Mundschau, Roobaert and Watkins Documents Concerning Christin, June 2014

      Sarton "Abridged Description of Several Pieces of Horology", 1789, 2012

      Sarton "Description Abregee de Plusieurs Pieces d'Horlogerie", 1789 (Original French)

      Watkins  Review of Sabrier "The Self-Winding Watch", 2013

      Watkins "Searching for Tlusios, The earliest, important document on automatic watches?", 2013

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