Books and Articles on Watchmaking and Repair

      Buffat "History and Design of the Roskopf Watch", 1914

      Buffat "Historique et Technique de la Montre Roskopf", 1914 (Original French)

      Crespe "Essay on Repeater Watches", 1804

      Crespe "Essai sur les Montres a Repetition", 1804 (Original French)

      Glasgow "Watchmaking By Machinery", circa 1900

      Graupmann "Finishing of the Watch Case", 1910

      Graupmann "Le Finissage de la Boite de Montre", 1910 (Original French)

      Grossmann "The Construction of a Simple but Mechanically Perfect Watch", 1880

      Hillmann "The Keyeless Mechanism", ca1920

      Watkins "Mainspring Gauges and the Dennison Combined Gauge", 2009

      Watkins "The Repeater", 2010

                        Repeater Videos

      Watkins "Antigua sonería continental de repetición a cuartos", Spanish translation by Cesar Caballero of "The Continental Quarter Repeater", 2015

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