The Origins of Self-Winding Watches
1773 - 1779

Second Edition

Richard Watkins

A serious examination of the technology and history of self-winding watches.

First published December 2013 as a hardcover limited edition of 100 copies, the second edition published in June expands the book from 264 pages to 386 pages.

It covers a period of seven years, during which the five basic designs were created, and examines the roles of Abram Louys Perrelet, Hubert Sarton, Abram Louis Breguet and others, who contributed to the development of these watches.

The appendices include details of case makers used by Philipe DuBois & Fils, some remarks about later developments, comparisons of different types, and an examination of stop-work including Breguet's designs.

The PDF version of The Origins of Self-Winding Watches (which includes the covers) is provided free and can be downloaded here:

Download    Origins of Self-Winding Watches 2nd Edition (about 18.6 MB)

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