New and Recent Additions

   Richard Watkins "Animations of Self-Winding Watch Stop-Work", 2016

   Richard Watkins "Antigua sonería continental de repetición a cuartos", Spanish translation by Cesar Caballero of "The Continental Quarter Repeater", 2015

   Richard Watkins "Where to Next?", the biography of Emma, 2015

   Richard Watkins "The Origins of Self-Winding Watches, 1773-1779, First Edition", 2013

   Christin "The Pforzheim Watch Factory", 1771, 2014

   Christin "Nouvelle Manufacture D'horlogerie, dans la Ville de Pfortzheim", 1771

   Richard Watkins "Philipe DuBois & Fils, Customers, Suppliers and Bankers, 1757 - 1824", 2014

   William Blakey "The Art of Making Watch Mainsprings, Repeater Springs and Balance Springs", 1780, 2014

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