Miscellaneous Books and Articles

      Bernoulli "Map of Neuchatel and Valangin", 1783

      Borsendorff "History of a Watch", 1869

      Borsendorff "Histiore d'un Montre", 1869 (Original French)

      Lalande "Diary of a trip to England 1763" (2002, 2014)

      Mundschau, Roobaert and Watkins Documents Concerning Christin, June 2014

      Osterwald "Description of the Mountains and Valleys of Neuchatel and Valangin", 1766

      Osterwald "Description des montagnes et des vallees qui font partie de la principaute de Neuchatel et Valangin", 1766

      Saturday Magazine "Manufacture of Watches in Switzerland", 1842

      Waterbury Watch Company "Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves", 1889

      Watkins "Berthoud, Harrison and Lalande, a near myth", 2005

      Watkins "Confabulations, a humorous look at complications", 2007

      Watkins "Practical Watch Collecting", 2012

      Watkins "The Production of Japy in 1780, Is This Now a Myth?", 2010

      Watkins "Pussy Pleasures" (a recipe book), 2003

      Watkins "Where to Next?", the biography of Emma, 2015

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