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Machine Watchmaking

Biography and discussion of Ingold's machinery.
Biography of Ingold.
Two Swiss reports giving detailed information about American watch production.
Description of the exhibits and comments on the relative qualities of Swiss and American watches.
Details of machine manufacturing methods and interchangeability.
History of the Longines watch company.
A brief discussion of a few machines used in watchmaking.
Detailed but brief study of tools and machines.
Diagrams and descriptions of machinery designed by Japy.
An article discussing the significance of Jacques David's reports (see David "American and Swiss Watchmaking in 1876").
Detailed study of why successful watchmaking by machinery is based on using unskilled labour.
The history of the Lancashire Watch Company (England) analysing the reasons for its four different failures.

Illustration: Watchmaker's lathe, circa 1880, probably made by Boley.