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English Watchmaking

A study of the correct forms for teeth and methods for the calculation of trains, including an appendix on English practices at the time.
A brief discussion of a few machines used in watchmaking.
Extensively annotated version of the French diary.
An article examining the business of Samuel Jones and the English watches sold by him, circa 1817.
An article analysing Lalande's "Diary of a trip to England 1763" in its horological context.
Subtitled "Three Unfortunate Mistakes", this article looks at the reaction of the British Horological Institute to American watchmaking.
The history of the Lancashire Watch Company (England) analysing the reasons for its four different failures.

Illustration: Arnold & Frodsham free-sprung spring detent chronometer, circa 1846.
Modified by add class="index"ing a keyless winder on the fusee square, consisting of a gilt brass, round plate with a hinged handle. This later add class="index"ition partly obscures the plate inscriptions.