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Philipe DuBois & Fils

Customers, Suppliers and Bankers, 1757 - 1824

By Richard Watkins

2014, data bases and separate explanatory text of 7 pages, no ill

The watch company Philipe DuBois & Fils began life in 1757 and continued until the end of the 20th century. During this time it was run by descendents of the original owner, Philipe DuBois.

Although most of the records of the company were destroyed, a number of account books and inventories still exist. These contain a large amount of information about the activity of the company.

In 2012 I spent a few weeks in Le Locle and I photographed all the account books and inventories up to 1824; about 7,000 photographs. Then I created a data base of the names of people that DuBois dealt with. There are 24,769 entries.

The information is provided in three files: Description of the data base, the Filemaker Pro data base, and Excel spreadsheet files that can be imported into a data base application, such as Microsoft Access:

Illustration: Maison DuBois in Le Locle, Switzerland. The building occupied by Montres DuBois throughout its life from 1757 to the end of the 20th century.