Animations of Self-Winding Watch Stop-Work

42 animations of stop-work used in self-winding watches have been created to be used in conjunction with the second edition of my book "The Origins of Self-Winding Watches" and an article on Breguet.

These animations repeat indefinitely, but they cannot be reset. If you have an old version of Firefox I suggest you install the following extension (unfortunately it does not work with versions 57 on):

Firefox addon to toggle animated gifs

There are 8 groups of animations:

Stop-Work Relativity Animations
These animations illustrate the different perspectives that can be used in animations.

Geneva Stop-Work

Maltese Cross Stop-Work

Breguet Watch No. 28 Animations

Animations of Another Breguet Self-Winding Watch

Animations of Breguet's 2-Pin Design

Animations of Breguet's designs with equal segments

Additional animations for my article "Meditations on Breguet and Mathematics"

The animations can be downloaded onto your computer by right clicking on them and saving the gif image file.

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