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Animations of Self-Winding Watch Stop-Work

I have created 42 animations of stop-work used in self-winding watches, to be used in conjunction with the second edition of my book "The Origins of Self-Winding Watches" and my article on Breguet and mathematics.

Descriptions of the different stop-works can be found in "Origins" pages 360-369.

These animations repeat indefinitely, but they cannot be reset. If you have an old version of Firefox I suggest you install the following extension (unfortunately it does not work with versions 57 on): Firefox animation control.

There are 8 groups of animations (shown in the side-bar):

The animations can be downloaded onto your computer by clicking on "Download Animations" in the side bar.

Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise

Just to confuse you, some animations rotate clockwise and other, apparently identical animations rotate anti-clockwise! The problem lies with Breguet's watch design:

So some animations rotate in the opposite direction to some other animations.