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Breguet: Another Self-Winding Stop-Work

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The two animations below show what happens when the arbor wheel is larger than the barrel wheel. Here Ra has been increased from 1.75 to 1.96. Ω , φ and δ are not changed, but C is increased from 2.68 to 2.96. Not only does this design work, but the slots can be shallower, increasing the strength of the barrel wheel.

Unwinding Large Arbor Wheel
Winding Large Arbor Wheel

The next two animations show what happens if φ > 72° (equal segments) and the fifth segment is shorter than the rest. Here all dimensions are the same in the actual watch except that φ = 74° and consequently δ has dropped from 15° to 7°.

Unwinding φ > 72° (equal segments)
Winding φ > 72° (equal segments)