Breguet: Another Self-Winding Stop-Work

The two animations below show what happens when the arbor wheel is larger than the barrel wheel. Here Ra has been increased from 1.75 to 1.96. Ω , φ and δ are not changed, but C is increased from 2.68 to 2.96. Not only does this design work, but the slots can be shallower, increasing the strength of the barrel wheel.

Animation-Breguet-Other-Ra-GT-Rb-Unwinding.gif    Animation-Breguet-Other-Ra-GT-Rb-Animation-Breguet-Other-Ra-GT-Rb-Winding.gif

      Unwinding Large Arbor Wheel                           Winding Large Arbor Wheel

The next two animations show what happens if φ > 72° (equal segments) and the fifth segment is shorter than the rest. Here all dimensions are the same in the actual watch except that φ = 74° and consequently δ has dropped from 15° to 7°.

Animation-Breguet-Other-Ra-GT-Rb-Animation-Breguet-Other-Th-74-Unwinding.gif    Animation-Breguet-Other-Th-74-Winding.gif

Unwinding φ > 72° (equal segments)          Winding φ > 72° (equal segments)

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