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Breguet: Another Stop-Work

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The animations below show the mainspring being unwound from the perspective of the barrel with two different annulus sizes. From our (God's) perspective it is the barrel that rotates anti-clockwise. Because a suitable photograph of the arbor wheel was not available, it is shown as transparent grey.

Breguet Other Unwinding large annulus
Unwinding Large Annulus
Breguet Other Unwinding small annulus
Unwinding Small Annulus

Winding the mainspring is basically the same, except:

So it is easy enough to visualise winding. To demonstrate this, the following animations were constructed by reversing the unwinding animations. As a result they show the arbor wheel finger acting on the wrong side of the slots!

These views are from our (and God's) perspective outside the watch.

Breguet Other Winding large annulus
Winding Large Annulus
Breguet Other Winding small annulus
Winding Small Annulus