Books and Articles on American Watchmaking

      David "American and Swiss Watchmaking in 1876"

      Favre-Perret "Report on the Philadelphia Exhibition 1876"

      Fitch "Manufactures of the United States at the Tenth Census (1880), Watches and Clocks", 1883

      Houriet "The American Watchmaking Factories And Their Tools", 1895

      Keith "A Family Tale, or History of American Watch Making", 1883

      E.A. Marsh Two histories of the Waltham Watch Company, 1890 and 1921

      Waterbury Watch Company "Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves", 1889

      Watkins "The BHI and American watchmaking, 1858-1862", 2011

      Watkins "Jacques David and American and Swiss watchmaking in 1876", 2004

      Watkins "Mainspring Gauges and the Dennison Combined Gauge", 2009

      Watkins "Watchmaking and the American System of Manufacturing", 2009

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