Books and Articles on 18th Century Watchmaking

      Berthoud and Auch "How to Make a Verge Watch", 1763 and 1827, 2005

      Blakey "The Art of Making Watch Mainsprings, Repeater Springs and Balance Springs", 1780, 2014

      Camus "A Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels", 1837

      Christin "The Pforzheim Watch Factory", 1771, 2014

      Christin "Nouvelle Manufacture D'horlogerie, dans la Ville de Pfortzheim", 1771

      Crespe "Essay on Repeater Watches", 1804

      Crespe "Essai sur les Montres a Repetition", 1804 (Original French)

      Japy "Patents for watchmaking machines", 1799

      Vigniaux "Practical Watchmaking", 1788, 1802

      Watkins "The Art of Being Drunk", 2017

      Watkins "The Production of Japy in 1780, Is This Now a Myth?", 2010

      Watkins "Philipe DuBois & Fils, Customers, Suppliers and Bankers, 1757 - 1824", 2014

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